Though it boasts awe-inspiring archeological sites and vibrant nightlife, Lima's greatest gift to the roving traveler is its food. The Peruvian city’s rich biodiversity and abundance of gifted chefs have made it the crown jewel of South America’s restaurant scene.

For fresh ceviche—perhaps Peru's definitive dish—visit Sonia in Chorrillos; or for a ham sandwich like no other, Bar Cordano right across from the Presidential Palace is a no-brainer. If you really want to taste the finest (and as much of) Lima’s cuisine as possible, the lauded Central Restaurante in Miraflores offers up an extravagant 12-course menu.

When you’re not eating, lounge on the beaches of Barranco's Pacific coast or drive to Pueblo Libre to visit Museo Larco, where you can enjoy both Pre-Columbian art and historic artefacts. With your cultural hunger sated, get a taste of the nightlife by checking out the DJs at El Dragón in Barranco for a night of relentless dancing. You'll need it to burn off all the calories.

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