Mexico City

There’s no better place to get a taste of Mexico’s electrifying culture, incredible cuisine, and rich history than its huge, eponymous capital.

History buffs should make for sites like the 13th-century Aztec temple Templo Mayor or the Palacio Nacional, where you can see murals by the beloved Mexican painter Diego Rivera. As for food, there’s no shortage of authentic cuisine to be had. You can (must) dine at one of the restaurants whose chefs work to preserve heirloom varieties of maíz, a Mexican staple. Enrique Olvera’s Molino el Pujol takes things back to basics with classic tortilla-based meals, while chef Paulino Martinez makes the best tacos using the finest heritage corns at El Expendio de Maiz, playing a practical part in keeping these varieties of maíz alive.

Finally, for a wicked souvenir, check out the ethically sourced fashions at Amor & Rosas, where co-founder Laura Meléndrez pays homage to indigenous motifs, true to the spirit and culture of Mexico City. They're almost as vibrant as the place itself.

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